Flee Red States - LGBTQ Relocation Out of Red States

Flee Red States - How We Work

As LGBTQIA+ citizens of Texas many of us feel at risk. Current laws are highly discriminatory against trans youth and their families. Our marriages, our families, and even our safety are at risk. If you feel the need to leave the jurisdiction of Texas, let us help you sell your property here and connect you with an LGBTQIA or ally agent in a better location of your choice.

We are Texas Pride Realty Group, brokered by HomesSmart Stars.  We have LGBTQIA+ and Allied agents across the US, Canada and Europe ready to help relocate our people out of states that are moving against our rights.  We must have a Plan B if politicians continue to remove and reverse our legal protections.  We understand the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community. We get who we're protecting.  Let us help you if you're ready to move.  

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